Client Outcomes

Gary and his well-supervised associates did an excellent job preparing and revising wills and trusts and explaining everything they did. Cost effective as well.

Steven Jawetz, Esq.   —  Washington, D.C.

Gary's knowledge and experience relating to estate planning makes him one of the top estate planners in the Washington, DC area. He looks for creative answers to complex estate planning issues. I have great respect for his work and his leadership.

Brian Della Rocca, Esq.   —  Silver Spring, MD

I endorse this lawyer. Gary is a delight to work with. He not only knows Maryland law, but is acutely aware of how it differs from the law in other states.

Joel Weissler, Esq.   —  San Diego, CA

I was the personal representative of an estate and I hired Gary to represent me in the estate process, he was extreemly knowledgeable and responsive in the representation. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Temple   —  Washington, D.C.

After the unfortunate deaths of both parents, I was suddenly faced with the daunting task of securing a legal trustee on behalf of both my parents' separate legal estates. After stumbling around in the dark, I made up my mind to find the best Estate Attorney I could find. I will say it confidently now that I have found him: that person is Gary Altman.

I found Gary's name in the Washingtonian Magazine "List of Best Estate Attorneys" and after meeting him, I was so happy I had. I have not encountered a more dedicated, intelligent, personable or fair lawyer as Gary Altman. He knows what he is doing, he works tirelessly, he is easy to get along with and he is a relief to have on your side. Gary Altman is the real deal.

Since working with him, my every dealing with Gary has always been a pleasure, and that speaks volumes considering the surrounding circumstances and duress associated with the subject matter Gary has handled for me on a continuing basis over the past couple of years.

Initially, I had come to Gary looking for help with my father's estate. While working in that capacity, Gary's role unexpectedly broadened. It turned out, the separate trustee my mother had chosen before she passed became less than honest and decided to leave the country taking my inheritance, a substantial sum, with him! As horrible an ordeal as it was, Gary took up the slack and immediately went to work on my dilemma. I was updated regularly and accurately as to the extenuating proceedings, which Gary organized in attempt to recover as much of the missing money as we could. Since the situation was so over my head, I could not do much more than simply stand back and watch as Gary orchestrated the proceedings. It took one year before we were able to settle and as difficult an experience as it was, having Gary to work with made it substantially more bearable and probably the only way the proceedings could have been bearable at all.

You will know the difference immediately after, like me, your decide to go the easy route at first and work with a "relative" or "close friend" as your Estate Attorney as I had. Then eventually, if you work your way to someone like Gary Altman, you will see what a world of difference there is. I can not rate him highly enough. I can personally, unequivocally and without hesitation recommend Gary Altman to anyone who is in need of his help. He is truly the cream of the crop.

Eric   —  Northern Virginia

I absolutely recommend Gary Altman, and have already referred friends and family to him. From the initial consultation that my husband and I had with him, we knew we could trust him and count on him to make sure our affairs are taken care of. We actually asked him to "rush" our documents (due to medical emergencies) and we were accommodated with no problems. The team at Altman & Associates made our process so easy and painless. I have also brought in my parents and they also had a fantastic experience, and it was such a pleasure working with Gary Altman. My family and I will absolutely continue to work with him and his firm for years to come.

Client   —  Rockville, MD

Gary is a brilliant attorney working with our family to resolve serious tax and estate planning issues. Incredibly responsive.

Betsy   —  Potomac, MD

I have referred numerous clients to Gary and all have reported back as being extremely pleased. From the easiest to much more complex estate and probe issues he can boil them down and communicate them in a way that is very plain and understandable to the client. His "bedside" manner and ability to communicate are excellent and his legal skill and strategic approach are top notch.

Attorney   —  Washington, D.C.

Gary was a very, very good lawyer and trusted advisor in a particularly intense trusts and estates matter. The matter involved truly unbelievable acts by another set of attorneys and we could not have obtained the results we did against such attorneys without Gary's great acumen and guidance.

Andrew   —  Columbia, MD

For the past twenty years, Gary Altman has provided my wife and I with expert, superior, professional advise and counsel with respect to our estate planning, trusts, and period review/modifications. He has also guided the registration and charter processs for our LLC, focused upon management consulting but with a wide, optional practice domain. We have recommended Gary to numerous friends and a few relatives, who have used his services and benefited from his insights and counsel with total satisfaction. He is thorough, pragmatic, learned and quite capable of explaining any particular legal approach in "plain english" - understandable to the professional or layperson. Moreover, since entering into his private practice many years ago, we have found his office staff to be consistently responsive, proactive and "sharp" in providing any necessary logistical assistance to both trivial and serious matters at hand. Having myself worked in the international field for over 35 years, I have found Gary to relate quite well to international affairs and to related matters of legal concern, which are of extreme benefit to my foreign national colleagues residing in the US as visa-holders and/or dual-citizen US passport holders (e.g., taxes, property ownership, trusts, etc.) Unequivocably, Gary Altman is five-star in every respect.

Allen F. Shapiro   —  Potomac, MD
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