Probate and Trust Administration

Buzz Aldrin Dementia Revocable Trust

Good trust planning can prevent bad situations from arising such as the Buzz Aldrin dementia revocable trust problem that the family is now dealing with. Buzz Aldrin, the 88-year-old astronaut who took part in the Read More

Why You Should Hire a CFP Certified Fiduciary

When a loved one passes away, they typically leave behind more than grieving family members and special memories. No matter how well they prepare, no matter the advice they sought in setting up their affairs Read More

What You Should Know About Maryland Probate

A comprehensive estate plan may save your family time and money Although many people will have some interaction with a probate court in their lifetime, most know little about how it works. Equipping yourself and Read More

Avoiding Probate in Maryland

How to Avoid Probate in Maryland What happens to your property when you pass away? With certain exceptions, the answer to that question is generally up to you. Yet, many people are surprised to know Read More

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