Increasing popularity of Spendthrift Trusts

InvestmentNews called on the expertise of Gary Altman for a recent piece on the increasing popularity of spendthrift trusts. In an economic climate where wealthy investors are becoming more risk averse, interest in establishing spendthrift Read More

Couples Should Consider Debt When Estate Planning

In an interview with, Gary Altman, advises against joint credit card accounts and even against spouses taking authorized user cards on each others’ accounts. “From an estate perspective, joint credit implies a 100 percent Read More

Interview with Financial Advisor Magazine

In an interview with Financial Advisor magazine, estate planning expert, Gary Altman, was asked about how tough economic times can impact people’s decisions about estate planning. Gary admitted that he’s seen some people – whether Read More

Gary Altman Interviewed by Associated Press

Estate planning authority, Gary Altman, recently spoke with the Associated Press about a high profile case in which a general partner in three hedge funds approached a well-known ballet company and foundation about making a Read More

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