Coronavirus Covid- 19
Estate Planning Impact

With the World Health Organization declaring the coronavirus a global emergency, organizations are feeling the impact of this public health crisis on their businesses, supply chains, workforces and more. As the number of cases around the world grows, Altman & Associates attorneys have formed a COVID-19 Task Force to help clients fully understand and assess the legal, regulatory and commercial implications of COVID-19.

covid-19 scams

8 Tips To Avoid COVID-19 Scams

Scammers, fraudsters, and other criminals are taking advantage of rapidly changing data and facts associated with COVID-19, both in the workplace and in our homes. Government agencies, corporations, and news outlets continue to warn individuals

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The Health Documents EVERYONE Needs NOW

Coronavirus Special Offer | Legal Documents It is a stressful time for everyone right now. The world is in a state of disruption as businesses and schools close, grocery store shelves are empty, vacations and

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