Journal of Financial Planning

In a piece for the Journal of Financial Planning, Altman & Associates attorneys, Gary Altman and Brenda Bosch, discuss the drafting of estate planning documents to encourage certain behavior in the beneficiaries of an estate plan according to the client’s wishes and planning goals. Click here for a PDF of the article.

Gary Altman Acknowledged by The Examiner for Receipt of the Norma Stevens Leadership Award

In the new “Kudos” section of The Washington Examiner, Altman   Associates founder, Gary Altman is recognized for being honored with the Norma Stevens Leadership Award by the National Capital Area Financial Planning Association. “Kudos” highlights local D.C. individuals’ accomplishments. The Gazette soon followed suit, including Altman in their “Names & Faces” section.

Gary Altman’s Advice on Financing a Funeral

In an article for, Gary Altman was asked about the most common options and problems when it comes to financing a funeral. While there are a number of financing options in advance of a death. Afterward, there are fewer. “Most funeral homes won’t let you defer payment because they don’t want to have to […]

Gary Altman Lends Expertise to Washington Post’s “Ask an Expert” Column

Estate planning authority, Gary Altman, was recently asked to participate in the Washington Post’s “Ask an Expert” Column. He was asked to share the essential parts of a will: Designating who is in charge of your property and of your minor children. Who is going to receive your assets. How they will receive your assets, […]

What to Expect When You Inherit a Real Estate Property: Answers by Gary Altman, Esq.

In a recent interview with Charles Scutt, a reporter for a nationally syndicated real estate column published weekly, Altman & Associates founder, Gary Altman, shared the following information on inheriting a real estate property: What are the different possible ways of inheriting a real estate property (i.e., surviving ownership, tenancy in common, etc.), and what’s […]

Gary Altman Responds to a Host of Estate Planning Questions

What happens if you die without a will? If you die without a Will, the state you live in has one for you. It determines who gets your assets and who controls. Usually this means that your spouse and/or children will receive your assets, but each state has a different law. Why would you want […]

Gary Altman on Things Gay Couples Need to Know About Estate Planning

In an interview for Consumers Digest, estate planning authority, Gary Altman spells out what gay couples need to understand about estate planning: “It remains critically important for gay and lesbian couples to complete their estate plan,” says Altman. “That a state has made gay marriage legal has nothing to do with Federal estate taxes and […]

Gary Altman Comments on the Pros and Cons of Online Estate Planning

In an interview for Consumers Digest, award-winning estate planning attorney, Gary Altman, is frank when talking about the shortcomings of online estate services. He says, “I strongly disapprove of online estate services. I liken drafting a Will online to trying to tackle your own electrical or plumbing problems. Why chance your family’s future to an […]

Gary Altman Awarded the 2008 Norma Severns Leadership Award

Altman & Associates founder, Gary Altman, was awarded the 2008 Norma Severns Leadership Award by the Financial Planning Association of the National Capital Area (FPANCA). The award, presented to Mr. Altman at the FPANCA’s 8th Annual Charity Gala this June, was in recognition of his contribution to the growth and improvement of the financial planning […]