“Before You Remarry” – Things for Boomers to Consider with Respect to Estate Planning

In the spirit of Valentines Day, estate planning expert, Gary Altman, used his column for to highlight estate planning considerations to take into account before getting remarried. He writes, “As a boomer and a romantic, I believe that marriage (even the second time around) is a wonderful thing. That said, the attorney and the […]

Increasing popularity of Spendthrift Trusts

InvestmentNews called on the expertise of Gary Altman for a recent piece on the increasing popularity of spendthrift trusts. In an economic climate where wealthy investors are becoming more risk averse, interest in establishing spendthrift trusts for beneficiaries is becoming an enticing option.  As Altman explains, spendthrift trusts are essentially irrevocable third-party trusts created for […]

Couples Should Consider Debt When Estate Planning

In an interview with, Gary Altman, advises against joint credit card accounts and even against spouses taking authorized user cards on each others’ accounts. “From an estate perspective, joint credit implies a 100 percent obligation of the surviving spouse for any debt remaining on a joint card. And if a spouse has access to […]

Interview with Financial Advisor Magazine

In an interview with Financial Advisor magazine, estate planning expert, Gary Altman, was asked about how tough economic times can impact people’s decisions about estate planning. Gary admitted that he’s seen some people – whether out of fear or out of necessity – try to access money that had been set aside in an estate […]

Gary Altman Interviewed by Associated Press

Estate planning authority, Gary Altman, recently spoke with the Associated Press about a high profile case in which a general partner in three hedge funds approached a well-known ballet company and foundation about making a large endowment. In this case, the general partner asked that the charities put the endowment in hedge funds in which […]

Estate Planning Authority, Gary Altman, Recognized as a “Top 100 Attorney” by Worth Magazine

Gary Altman, Esq., founder of the DC-Metro area estate planning law firm Altman & Associates, has once again been named a “Top 100 Attorney” by the prestigious financial publication, Worth Magazine. The top attorneys list, to be featured in the December 2008/January 2009 issue, recognizes the nation’s 100 best lawyers for their outstanding expertise, insight, […]

The Perfect Holiday Gift: Passing on Wealth to Grandchildren

In my last post, I discussed why the holiday season is a great time to discuss estate planning with your family.  In keeping with the holiday theme, today I’m zeroing in on gifting – specifically, passing on wealth to grandchildren. Many grandparents want to leave a significant bequest to their grandchildren.  The simplest way is […]

Gary Altman Serves as Estate Planning Expert for Readers of More Magazine

Gary Altman recently lent his estate planning expertise to the more than one million MORE magazine readers in their “Ask the Expert” column on “Family Inheritance-Feuds”. Altman weighed in on the touchy matters such as challenging a will and parents opting to make charitable donations over leaving money to children. For a full text version […]