Gary Altman Warns of the Dangers in DIY (“Do-It-Yourself”) Estate Planning

Gary Altman has a bone to pick with Susie Orman, Legal Zoom, and other people/programs pushing “Do-It-Yourself-style legal programs. As a veteran estate planning attorney, Gary knows that attempting to draft one’s own estate planning documents (wills, trusts, power of attorneys, etc.) is a recipe for disaster and can result in paying significantly higher estate […]

“Triple Witching Hour” – What You Should Know About This Estate Planning Phenomenon

In an article for Fenton Report, Gary Altman Sheds Light on Estate Planning’s “Triple Witching Hour” – the convergence of three different events – favorable interest rates, depressed asset values, and a potentially limited timeframe to continue receiving higher valuation discounts – resulting in an exceptional opportunity to realize greater lifetime gifting/wealth transfer potential. Download […]

“Word of Caution When it Comes to Gifting 529 Plans” – Gary Altman Cautions 529 Gifters to Have a Thorough and Current Estate Plan

In a contribution to, Gary Altman leverages his financial planning credentials alongside his estate planning expertise to caution people of how improper estate planning can potentially wipe out investment funds such as 529 College Savings Plans. “It’s spring and the promising sounds of “Pomp and Circumstance” will soon fill graduation halls across the country […]

“Death and Taxes – The Estate Tax is Certainly Here to Stay” – Gary Altman Explains the Most Recent Changes to the Federal Estate Tax

In a recent contribution to, estate planning attorney and columnist, Gary Altman, updates readers on changes to the Federal Estate Tax. Altman explains, “The exclusion amount (the amount you can pass to your children and others without any federal estate tax) will be permanently set at $3.5 million. Estates in excess of $3.5 million […]

Altman & Associates Profiled in Bethesda Magazine’s Lawyer Spread

In a special section of Bethesda Magazine, Altman & Associates reaches out to Bethesda-area residents. “As founder of the nationally acclaimed estate planning law firm, Altman & Associates, Gary Altman has been helping clients throughout the Washington, D.C., area for over 20 years. His ‘outstanding expertise, trustworthiness and commitment to his clients’ needs’ has consistently […]

“Mom and Dad, You’re Broke” – Gary Altman Walks the Wall Street Journal Through Tough, But Critical Questions to Ask Mom and Dad During a Down Economy

In an interview for the Wall Street Journal’s “Family Finances” section, estate planning expert, Gary Altman, Esq., sheds light on some tough, but important questions we should ask our aging parents – particularly during an economic downturn when asset values are plummeting. He says, “We’ve all planned for greater money in the future. No one […]

“Before You Remarry” – Things for Boomers to Consider with Respect to Estate Planning

In the spirit of Valentines Day, estate planning expert, Gary Altman, used his column for to highlight estate planning considerations to take into account before getting remarried. He writes, “As a boomer and a romantic, I believe that marriage (even the second time around) is a wonderful thing. That said, the attorney and the […]

Increasing popularity of Spendthrift Trusts

InvestmentNews called on the expertise of Gary Altman for a recent piece on the increasing popularity of spendthrift trusts. In an economic climate where wealthy investors are becoming more risk averse, interest in establishing spendthrift trusts for beneficiaries is becoming an enticing option.  As Altman explains, spendthrift trusts are essentially irrevocable third-party trusts created for […]