Gary Altman Comments on the Importance of Having a ‘Digital Executor’

In a recent interview with The Washington Post, local estate planning attorney, Gary Altman, weighs in on the recent development of web sites offering virtual storage vaults that store important information such as passwords and log-in information so that when the worst happens, the information will be accessible to whomever the deceased had designated as […]

Gary Altman Set to Share His Expertise with Two Howard County Publications in Early 2010

Award-winning estate planning attorney, Gary Altman, will once again lend his expertise to the Howard County, Maryland publications, Generations, and also Business Monthly. Altman’s article contributions will offer a succinct look at two different estate planning topics. With an office in Columbia, Maryland, Altman feels these publications are close to home for many of his […]

Gary Altman Sheds Light on “Debt After Death” – Who’s Responsible

In response to an inquiry from La Opinion – the leading Spanish-language daily in the U.S. – estate planning attorney, Gary Altman, offers insight as to who is responsible for debts after someone dies. “After someone passes, family members typically have no obligation to pay the debts of the decedent from their sole and individual […]

“Advanced Health Care Directives” – End-of-Life Planning Can Put You and Your Family at Ease

In a contribution to, Gary Altman, highlights examples such as recent celebrity deaths as a way of underscoring the importance of having an Advanced Health Care Directive. Altman explains, “Simply put, Advanced Health Care Directives are instructions given by individuals specifying what actions should be taken for their health in the event that they […]

“Estate Planning: DIY or Pro?” – Gary Altman Stresses the Danger in “DIY” Estate Planning

It’s easy to surmise that an estate planning attorney wouldn’t thinking too much of someone drafting their own will, trust, or other estate-related document, such as a health directive. In an interview with, Altman underscores his weariness against “DIY” estate planning, such as online services. Altman says, “Online estate planning documents probably work very […]

“Divorce, Remarriage and Blended Families” – An Estate Planning Wake Up Call

In a country where 75% of divorcees will remarry, 65% of remarriages involve children from a prior marriage, and 60% of all remarriages will end in divorce, award-winning estate planning attorney, Gary Altman, is on a mission to raise awareness on the importance of having a thorough and professionally prepared estate plan. Says Altman, “…little […]

“All the Right Moves” – Gary Altman Weighs in on Lessons Learned from the Drama Surrounding Michael Jackson’s Estate

In an interview with The Baltimore Sun, local estate planning attorney, Gary Altman, chimes in on the legal “lessons learned” following the untimely death of musical legend, Michael Jackson. Knowing that Jackson’s will named two executors that were not family, but business partners, Altman says, “Most estates require only one executor, which makes the job […]

“Estate Planning for a Boomer’s Best Friend” – Gary Altman Explains How a Pet Trust Can Protect Your Feathered, Finned or Furred Friends

In a contribution to, dog-lover and estate planner, Gary Altman, describes the peace of mind that a pet trust can bring to pet owners. “Do any of your closest friends have feathers, fins or fur? Are you also responsible for their room, board and ongoing veterinary care? Consider this: If something untoward were to […]