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Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse…Now Prince?

It is almost unimaginable that an artist like Prince, who probably had numerous lawyers, accountants and business managers advising him over the years, who went to great lengths to preserve and protect his music collection, and whose estate is likely worth hundreds of millions of dollars, neglected to plan for the inevitably of death.  Yet, if his sister, Tyka Nelson, is correct, […]

Feel Good Friday: The Altman Team Can Use Your Help!

Dear Friends, I am taking time out from my normal day as an estate planning attorney to ask for your help in supporting a very worthwhile cause. Cancer has impacted the lives of every one of us here at the firm in some way, as it has many of you, I’m sure. At the end […]

Estate Planning for New York and Florida Residents!

Altman & Associates is pleased to announce that Gary Altman is now licensed to practice in the state of New York and Coryn Rosenstock is now licensed in the state of Florida.  This is great news for our D.C., Maryland and Virginia clients who might be moving to/from New York and Florida for work or retirement […]

What You Should Know About Maryland Probate

A comprehensive estate plan may save your family time and money Although many people will have some interaction with a probate court in their lifetime, most know little about how it works. Equipping yourself and loved ones with some basic knowledge about the Maryland probate process can help you determine how you’d like your estate […]

How to Steer Clear of Family Conflict When it Comes to Inheritance

Working with a knowledgeable Maryland estate planning lawyer now can help avoid familial discord in the future The purpose of a will or estate plan is to avoid any confusion or disagreement about how to execute your wishes. Unfortunately, too often the estate planning process itself, as well as the administration of an estate, can […]

Preparedness Helps Protect Against Financial Elder Abuse

Experienced elder law attorneys help Maryland families confidently approach the future Especially in the digital age, financial elder abuse is a major concern for seniors and their families. The annual financial loss suffered by victims of elder financial exploitation is estimated to exceed $2.9 billion. It is important to take steps early and often to […]

Helping Beneficiaries Manage Trust Fund Money

Experienced Maryland trust attorneys offer strategies to avoid wealth mismanagement Trusts can be incredibly helpful instruments, allowing you to pass your assets on to your loved ones tax-efficiently and in a way which preserves your wishes. However, despite good intentions, too often trust beneficiaries still struggle to manage inherited wealth effectively. Employing some simple strategies […]

What Are the Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Estate Taxes?

With the Presidential race in full swing, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the candidates’ positions on a subject near and dear to our hearts, estate taxes! The Tax Foundation, an independent tax policy research foundation, has been tracking the candidates’ proposals for all kinds of taxes.  As it pertains […]

A Message to Those With Young Families

One of the silver linings of being snowed in for several days is that, with schools and many offices closed, many families get extra quality time together. Board games, snowball fights, baking cookies, hot chocolate by the fire…Time slows down when there’s nowhere to rush off to. As adults, we know that these snow days […]

Offices Will Remain Closed Today!

Dear Clients and Colleagues, Due to poor road conditions, our offices will remain closed today. Michele will be making calls to reschedule today’s appointments. A decision about tomorrow will be made and communicated this evening. Meanwhile, if you need to contact us, please e-mail or call the office line at (301) 468-3220 to leave a […]