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Estate Sale Planning is Often an Emotional Process

Tips to Help You Prepare and Cope Anyone who has had difficulty parting with an old worn T-shirt or a favorite pair of ripped blue jeans understands the emotional connections that can be attached to material belongings. Throughout the various stages of life we collect things. Old postcards or knick-knacks from family trips represent special […]

Maryland Cracking Down on “Cool Parents” Who Allow Teens to Drink Alcohol

Maryland adults who knowingly and willfully allow underage persons to drink alcohol in their homes now run the risk of being sued. Referring to it as “social host responsibility,” Maryland’s highest court ruled that adults can now be held liable to third parties if a minor gets hurt or hurts someone else after consuming alcohol […]

Exercise Caution When Borrowing Against a Whole Life Insurance Policy

A whole life insurance policy can be a useful and versatile part of an estate plan. It grows in value over time, increasing the value of the asset left to your loved ones in the event of your passing. Adding to its appeal is that you can borrow against the policy when needed and the time […]

Don’t Get Scammed by “Local Records Office”!

We recently had a few clients call because they received what looked like an invoice from their “Local Records Office”, billing them for a copy of the deed to their property. Beware! This is a scam! The average person could be alarmed and feel compelled to act quickly upon receiving one of these in the […]

Still the Greatest: Lessons from Muhammad Ali’s Financial Legacy

Over the course of his career, Muhammad Ali made approximately $57 million. At first glance this seems like a large sum of money, but once you consider that Ali retired 35 years ago, and that he faced escalating medical bills as his Parkinson’s Disease progressed, it is quite impressive that at the end of his […]

Why everyone needs to have a will

Prince’s recent death without a will highlights the cost of not having one Following Prince’s recent death, the world grieved and many may have felt shock at the news of his death. Shortly following his death, it was learned that Prince apparently had not given much thought to estate planning and that he died without […]

How to Avoid the Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes

Why not having any estate plan could be the biggest mistake Failing to leave a will is one of the 4 biggest estate planning mistakes anyone, including celebrities, can make. Effective estate planning provides protection for surviving family members and ensures that the wishes of the party penning the estate plan are fulfilled. There are […]

Why You Should Hire a CFP Certified Fiduciary

When a loved one passes away, they typically leave behind more than grieving family members and special memories. No matter how well they prepare, no matter the advice they sought in setting up their affairs for after they have gone, there are issues they couldn’t have anticipated, or problems that arise from such a tragic […]

          As we gather with our friends and families this weekend, the true meaning of Memorial Day is not lost upon us.  Wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend! – The Altman & Associates Team **Our offices will be closed on Monday, May 30th and resume normal business hours on Tuesday, […]

The Controversial Federal Estate Tax Turns 100 This Year

A recent Wall Street Journal article reminds us that the U.S. Federal estate tax turns 100 years old this year.  In 1916, Congress was proactively looking for ways to boost revenue in the event that the United States would need to become involved  with World War I.  Hence, the death tax was born.  At the time, fewer than 1% of Americans […]