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Barbara Bush | passing of former First Lady

Today, the country mourns the passing of former First Lady, Barbara Pierce Bush, who died yesterday at the age of 92. Mrs. Bush is one of just two women in American history to have had both a husband and a son elected as President of the United States. I have always admired her for her straight talk, humility, loyalty, and humor. Mrs. […]

Importance of Obtaining an Advanced Care Directive

No one likes to think about the possibility of becoming seriously ill or incapacitated. However, every individual should have an Advanced Care Directive (also known as an Advanced Medical Directive) to protect themselves if they were no longer able to make decisions for their health care, end of life, living arrangements, and various other personal […]

Facing The Grave Consequences Of Distracted Driving In DC

As much as cell phones have become an irreplaceable part of our everyday lives, they can become deadly when used at the wrong time. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 3154 people were killed and a further 424,000 injured in crashes involving distracted drivers during 2013 equating to 9 people dying on the […]

Small Business Owners and Succession Planning

How to take proactive steps to protect the best interests and future financial stability of both you and your loved ones Estate planning is a complex process that covers a wide range of topics. For most people, the tasks that come to the forefront are determining who gets your personal property and monetary holdings at […]

Estate Planning for Women

Trust our knowledgeable Maryland estate planning lawyers to guide you through the process Estate planning is an essential step for all adults in preparing for the future. Why is estate planning especially important for women? The life expectancy for women exceeds that of men by an average of 4-5 years and, because of that, a […]

Divorce and Estate Planning

What to do with your estate plan after a divorce Marriage is a wonderful part of many couple’s lives and it’s easy to say that no one gets married with the intention of eventually splitting up down the road. Unfortunately, for nearly half of all marriages in the U.S. divorce is inevitable. Divorce can often […]

IRS Encourages Taxpayers to Use Their New Withholding Calculator

The IRS recently released a new online tool to help taxpayers make sure they have the correct amount of tax being withheld from their paychecks at work. The “Withholding Calculator” performs a quick check-up to protect against having too little tax withheld, which could cause an unexpected bill or penalty come tax time.  At the […]

Decanting Trusts

If you don’t like the terms of your trust, there may be a way to change it and protect your best interests Historically speaking, one of the cornerstones of an irrevocable trust has been that it was, in fact, irrevocable. However, recent changes to estate laws in several states now allow trustees to decant a […]

Maryland ABLE Savings & Investment Plan Now Available

The Maryland ABLE savings & investment plan has officially launched. Maryland ABLE accounts are a new way to help individuals with disabilities save money and pay for qualified disability-related expenses without jeopardizing state or federal means-tested benefits such as SSI or Medicaid. Maryland ABLE is focused on helping citizens with disabilities achieve greater financial security, build […]