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When is a Beneficiary Entitled to an Accounting?

In most trusts, there are current beneficiaries and future beneficiaries.  A current beneficiary is someone who is currently entitled to receive, either mandatory or discretionary, distributions of income or principal.  A future beneficiary is only

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New Tax Law Changes Could Save You Dollars

While these are not estate tax related, I wanted to share some information on new income tax provisions that may very well impact you!  Here are some of the key provisions: One of the biggest breaks

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Are We in Your Wallet?

Advance planning is always important, but in ways we sometimes do not anticipate.  In our practice, after a client signs their estate planning documents, they are sign the back of one of our business cards,

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Significant 2009 Estate Tax Law Changes

hese changes in the law provide an ideal opportunity to review your current estate plan: Federal Estate Tax The federal exemption for estate tax has increased from $2,000,000 to $3,500,000 for 2009. The estate tax

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