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Bad News for Seniors: No 2010 increase in Social Security

Today, the Social Security Administration announced that there will be no cost-of-living increase for 57 million Social Security beneficiaries next year because consumer prices have fallen. This announcement marks the first time that Social Security Read More

Advanced Medical Directives: An Estate Planning Must

A recent Wall Street Journal blog reiterated what my firm considers an estate planning must:  Take the time to create an Advanced Medical Directive.  This issue was brought into the spotlight during the unforgettable Schiavo case in Read More

Advanced Planning = Lower Estate Taxes

Currently, up to $3.5 million of an estate’s value is exempt from Federal estate tax for deaths occurring in 2009.  In 2010, the estate tax is scheduled to expire for a period of one year, Read More

Michael Jackson’s Estate…What a Mess.

Charitable gift annuities allow donors to make a tax-deductible contribution and, in exchange, receive regular payments for the rest of their lives.  Ideally, about half the initial gift remains with the charity when the donor Read More

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