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“Eldercare: Sense and Sensibility” – Gary Altman

In an interview with Financial Advisor magazine, estate planning authority, Gary Altman, lends his expertise to the  many sensitive matters involved with planning for the aging. Understanding the many unfortunate fallouts that families experience over

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Why Annuities May Be a Good Idea

An interesting article in the Wall Street Journal on why retirees may want to consider adding annuities to their portfolios:  “Making the Case to Buy an Annuity” by Lavonna Kuykendall

The Issue of Portabilty

The proposed budget our President presented to Congress this week includes raising taxes on the highest U.S. income earners as well as multinational and oil and gas companies.  Leaving the issue of income taxes aside,

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Another Celebrity’s Death Fiasco

Dennis Hopper’s death in May has left his estate in chaos and open to a high-profile and expensive lawsuit.  Hopper was married to his 5th wife, Victoria Duffy, back in 1996.  They sign a pre-nuptial

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Taking Advantage of the GRAT

October is almost here and NOW is the time to take advantage of a tax saving estate planning strategy known as a GRAT!   GRATs (grantor retained annuity trust) are vehicles used by estate planners when clients

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LegalZoom and Washington State Legal Update

It appears the Washington State Attorney General has dealt a blow to the company who claims it offers “Do-It-Yourself” legal documents online. The State of Washington recently entered into an Assurance of Discontinuance or an

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Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning – A New Low

This morning, I noticed a Google advertisement that really got my blood boiling.  The ad was for LegalZoom – one of those online companies touting Do-It-Yourself legal documents, including estate planning.  It’s bad enough that

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