Always Be Cautious Over “Official” Looking Mail…

Periodically, we get asked by a client if they should respond to a letter that they received asking them to pay for a “Recorded Deed Notice” so they will have “evidence” that they property they own was “in fact transferred.”  In fact, my mother-in-law got such a letter and asked me if she should respond.  These letters, which look really official, ask the client to send them somewhere between $75 and $125 so that the company will send them a copy of the Deed and a report of other information.  In most states, this information is online, and many times anyone can find the information by a simple search.

In any event, NONE of my clients need to do this.  When we transfer title to property from the client to his or her revocable trust (or to someone else), we always send the client the original Deed and keep a copy for ourselves.  If you want a copy, or even a certified copy (which is almost never necessary), we can easily get it for you.

Is this a scam?  Maybe.  Some states have determined that this is a scam, like Tennessee, Iowa and West Virginia.  Is it necessary?  Absolutely not.

If you get a letter like this (or any phone call asking for your personal information or asking you to send money), please do not respond.  Please do not send money.  If you are unsure, please call my office and someone will be able to help you ascertain whether you should or should not respond.

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