Reminder: Beware of Records Scammers

Over the years, many of our clients have received official-looking letters offering to provide a copy of the deed to their property and property tax assessment for a fee in the neighborhood of $86. Please do not Read More

Divorce Filings Are Most Common During These Two Months

While trying to establish a connection between recessions and marriages, sociologists discovered something else: the first quantitative evidence of a seasonal pattern for divorce filings.  The University of Washington researchers found that divorce filings consistently Read More

Understanding Inherited Savings Bonds

Along with other retirement accounts and life insurance, savings bonds are often considered “non-probate assets,” meaning that they are not typically bequeathed in accordance with a person’s will.  Instead, many times, they are “payable upon death” to the Read More

Legacy Planning: Think Several Generations Ahead

Plan now to prevent your descendants from squandering your wealth after you die. According to an ancient Chinese proverb, “Wealth does not pass three generations” — the first generation builds the wealth; the second generation Read More

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