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Focused exclusively on estate planning matters since 1996

Estate law specialist with over 40 years of estate planning experience, expert attorney, Gary Altman, serves Maryland, DC and Virginia, helping clients protect their legacies.

Creating an estate plan is a very important decision. It is a serious matter with numerous, complex factors to be considered, everything from owning a business, avoiding probate court, planning for a special needs child and anticipating potential conflicts among heirs. Let the skilled Maryland estate planning attorneys at Altman & Associates carefully guide you through these critical decisions with a caring, collaborative hand.

Estate planning is all we do. Our team is compassionate to your challenges and concerns and work hard to make the estate planning process as easy as possible. With more than 40 years of experience, you can trust our team to provide peace of mind and customized solutions. We protect you, your family and your assets, now and after you’re gone.

Personalized solutions by experienced estate planning professionals

For more than four decades, notable Maryland estate planning attorney Gary Altman and the team of specialists at Altman & Associates have been the premier estate planning firm in Maryland, Washington D.C, and Northern Virginia. The foundation of our success lies in our belief that no two clients are alike. With offices in Rockville and Columbia, MD, we provide superior estate planning techniques and innovative strategies that address your individual needs.

Our attorneys are dedicated to serving the estate planning needs of all types of clients, including:

  • Individuals
  • Business owners
  • High net-worth individuals
  • Couples with young children
  • High-value businesses
  • Blended families
  • Same-sex partners
  • Unusual assets, such as art or other collectibles
  • Families with special needs and elder care issues

An outstanding reputation of excellence makes us one of the area’s most trusted estate planning law firms

When you choose Altman & Associates for your estate planning needs, you can expect:

Personalized attention and customized solutions – Our first priority is you. You have unique needs and goals, so we never use “boilerplate forms”. Every estate planning document is specifically tailored to help you and your family eliminate any ambiguity and conflict. We believe that every single word, in every single document, matters.

Lifelong counsel –We earned a reputation of excellence by providing steadfast counsel at all stages of a client’s life, from planning to estate administration and everything in-between. Count on us to stay in regular contact, periodically review your needs as laws change and be readily available to answer any questions. At Altman & Associates, we consider you a client for life.

A team-based approach – Clients benefit from the synergy of our highly-experienced attorneys collaborating as a team, along with your other trusted advisors, answering questions and crafting innovative solutions. We listen, analyze and provide comprehensive advice.

Financial and tax planning professionals on staff – With CPAs and certified financial planners™ on staff, our team can advise you on many legal, tax and financial issues related to your estate plan.

Nationally-recognized expertise –Gary Altman is a nationally-recognized and highly sought-after expert on estate planning. Attorney Altman teaches on the subject at various institutions, including Georgetown University. In addition, he is a published subject-matter expert, regularly appearing in numerous national media outlets.

Maryland estate planning attorneys offer a comprehensive array of services

If you or a family member needs estate planning assistance, we provide sound legal guidance, customized solutions and effective dispute resolution. We work with clients in a wide variety of situations and can help with the following matters:

Wills, trusts, and estate planning and administration– Making a plan for your death or disabling injury is important. Our Maryland estate planning attorneys focus on crafting the right plan for you. Trust our attorneys to see your loved ones through a difficult time by administering your plan.

Business succession planning – You’ve worked hard to establish your business, but what will happen to your business when you retire or pass away? Our attorneys help you create a succession plan for your business.

Special needs planning– Parents or grandparents can take a proactive approach in planning for loved ones with special needs. We help you choose the right plan and financial structure to support your special needs family member.

Tax planning– There are complex rules regarding tax treatment for your estate. The smallest mistake in transferring or distributing estate funds can result in significant tax liabilities. Our tax planning attorneys have the tax knowledge and savvy you need to avoid paying unnecessary taxes.

IRA and retirement planning– Have you put any thought into your retirement structure? Certain IRAs and retirement planning structures may allow you to save more money and use your savings in a way uniquely beneficial to you. Our IRA and retirement planning attorneys clearly outline the intricacies of planning for your retirement.

Asset protection–Insulating your assets and protecting yourself and your business from creditors and claims is critical. Our attorneys establish structures to protect your personal and professional assets.

Fiduciary services– Acting as a fiduciary is a significant responsibility. When you need someone reliable to act in your best interest on financial matters, trust the attorneys at Altman & Associates.

Charitable and foundation planning– Many individuals want to leave a legacy by making their favorite charity or cause a part of their estate plan. Our attorneys create a plan so you can leave the legacy you wish.

Guardianship / Conservatorship – When vulnerable individuals in your estate plan need protection, the attorneys at Altman & Associates provide strong, attentive representation.

Elder law – With a significant aging population, safeguarding older citizens is a growing issue. We are skilled elder law attorneys who act as strong advocates for you and your family.

Reformation of trust – Some trust agreements don’t work as they were intended to. If you have an interest in an estate, we advocate for you to ensure you receive what you deserve.

Pre-nuptial/property agreements– With new and unique family dynamics, planning for the unknown while protecting your assets can prove to be confusing and complex. Our attorneys help you form a pre-nuptial/property agreement that best reflects your wishes and protects your interests.

Learn more about your options by contacting our experienced Maryland estate planning attorneys today

At Altman & Associates, we focus exclusively on estate planning, making us skilled specialists. Our Maryland estate planning attorneys are experienced counselors and compassionate confidants, helping you plan for the future. We have convenient office locations in Columbia and Rockville. Contact us by phone at (301) 468-3220 or online to schedule a consultation.


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